Jupyter Notebook is not working even after Installing Anaconda Under Windows 10

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1. Add a new Environment Variable name = JUPYTER_HOME and value= C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Notebooks under System Propoerties -> Environment Variables.. -> User Variable.
2. Add the location of Jupyter script as the Path in the Environment Variable.



How to read JSONL file in Python

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JSONL or JSON Line is considered as newline-delimited JSON file where each line contains a single JSON encoded item.  As of today (17/4/2017), the version of the latest json_lines package that is available for python is 0.2.0. which indicates that it is a new and much younger format. Today, I will only discuss on how to read a JSONL file in python. So if you want to know more about JSONL, then you can check here.

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